WageWatch Surveys

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Our surveys have the data and analytical tools that HR professionals require to determine market pay rates for hourly and salary employees at a national, regional, state, city or property level.

WageWatch Salary Survey Offerings
KwikReport™ PeerMark™ Compensation Survey
The Hospitality KwikReport™
The Healthcare PeerMark™ Compensation Survey is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online salary report of all major hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, and assisted living facilities in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico.
The Casino and Tribal Gaming KwikReport™ is organized by metropolitan area and covers positions specific to the industry.
Benchmark Compensation Survey
The Hospitality Benchmark Compensation Survey provides comprehensive industry compensation and salary data at the national, regional, state, and city level.
Our network of customers spans across the nation and grows daily.